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This published checklist is a beginning. It was based on all the macrofungal depositions in the National Collection of Fungi (Agricultural Research Council), all the entries from previous field guides up to Goldman and Gryzenhout (2019) and scientific publications.  It is not perfect and you all have the opportunity to help us fix errors and request for additions to the checklist.  To do this, please drop me an email by following this link.


Additions to the checklist will consist of two types:

  • Those based on scientific, peer reviewed publications.  Many of these will originate from fungi you collected that we are currently sequencing and studying, or that others are sequencing or verifying morphologically.

  • A living list of fungi that was identified by yourselves and/or others from our amazing citizen mycology groups, where identities have often been verified or given by international experts.  These are important finds that should be listed, but will not yet be added to the official list until their identities have been verified based on micromorphological features and/or DNA sequence data, and subjected to scientific review.  This will ensure the integrity of this checklist that we are all developing.

A number of future things are planned:

  • Continuous corrections and updates of the list through your help (email me please: themycologyblog@gmail.com).

  • Linkage to information from MushroomMap, iNaturalist, MushroomObserver, and others.

  • Building the checklist that MushroomMap uses to link submissions and location data for map building.

  • Addition of substrates, locations, collectors, etc. So please include these as well for your additions.

  • A better interactive system to help you do all of the above.

  • Linking it to UFO's (unidentified fungal objects) so that our rich biodiversity are not limited to only those fungi that have names.  

  • Any needs or suggestions you may have.



  • Entry Psilocybe coprophila: Current name is Deconica coprophila.


This will enable us to obtain samples so that we can scientifically publish these first reports.

  • Can't wait.....

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