• Marieka Gryzenhout

Updates 24 June

Hey all, have been fiddling again. I tried to incorporate online forms that you just need to fill in if you spotted any of our conservation or non-native ecto-mycorrhiza targets. I hope it works....the fact that I tested it from my computer does not mean too much. If you are unsure that I received your form, drop my an email, will appreciate that. Unfortunately my version of Wix does not allow me to incorporate file uploads such as photographs...bummer. Then, for the students, the long awaited list of basically anything you can include in a spreadsheet (if you are sequencing) is posted on the Student page. So this is not when you collect, it is after you collected, isolated and purified cultures, and dried the original specimens. You can even paste your sequences in later on. Hope it helps. Think that's it, but more exciting things coming. xM

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