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Update: 28 July 2019

Hey All

What happened in the last month, not that many things, but not to worry, there is a ton of ideas (literally) in my head. For the identifications page I added a summary of the Amanita species that occurred in South African Nature guides in the past (Suillus is next). If it makes sense to you it will help for those just starting to distinguish between them.

Wish I could do the same with Agaricus, but in my mind there are just too many unknowns in South Africa for it to really make sense and help with identification. I think most species encountered are truly native but no-one is really looking at them. But maybe I will at least later on compare the ones in the guides, but it most likely will not help you for 99% (really!) of what you find. (Ok, that was 4 buts...) To help explain, I will post a small blog about this huge genus.

For the students, you have examples of sheets to use when you collect fungi in the field. Now you also have some examples of the type of sheets you can use to really know what is going on (and to impress you supervisor when he/she needs to know something) for the things you end up working with. You can link basically everything to it, and in the end everything you need will be in one place. There is a different type of jump when you work on microfungi from what you sampled in the field to what ends up in your collection, am working on that one....

Then I also slapped something together for students working with these wonderful things called microbes. These are the extra things you need to know besides general laboratory practice and good manners. Anyone else can also use it.

If you spot any errors or things that can be added, please let me know! AND, the SA checklist of fungi has been accepted for publication, more news on that soon!!! Happy hunting.

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