• Marieka Gryzenhout

The very first checklist of mushrooms and other macrofungi for South Africa!

Hey all. It is finally here, the first published checklist of mushrooms and anything else you can see with the naked eye. The list also includes slime moulds. This is incredibly useful because it is a start to know what we have, check what we do not have, check what should be added, useful for all kinds of authorities looking after our rich natural resources in South Africa, and lastly for us scientists to see what and how we can study our fungi better. The link of the list is under its own tab under "More", and if you go to it, there are much more to be done, because we all know the list is already vastly incomplete. I thus want to use this site to stimulate more research to add names to the checklist, and for you to add things you see that are not on the list. After a number of sufficient additions we will keep on publishing our updated list so that it can become more and more complete and accurate. Very very exciting and useful stuff!!! So for now, download the paper and explore it. Then, there is lots of wonderful work to get going with.

All best!

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