• Marieka Gryzenhout

The last stages of a mushroom field guide

Gary Goldman and I, with the help of many others who had breathtaking photographs, are in the almost final stages of completing the next field guide. What a job! Gary did a huge amount of networking and research and it looks great. Being a scientist one is used to the great deal of detail, little things to do and great many things to check that must go into a thesis or publication (besides the actual research). One is usually thinking of vacation at a certain point (maybe permanently). But it is going on great. We also have excellent publishers (Penguin-Randomhouse-Struik) who made this possible. and technical people involved in the final project. Of these, a great deal of thanks the tremendous effort, checking, and advice given by the editor on the project. Roelien. So, watch this space in a couple of months.....

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