• Marieka Gryzenhout

The dreaded literature review

Dear post graduate students

This one is for you. We have all been there and all had to do our own first (and the second and third may be equally daunting).....literature review. But you actually feel incredibly proud of yourself once its finished, and especially when it is a good piece of work (your supervisors are equally proud, believe me!). Maybe it is more because you did survive and lived to tell the tale. Not only students need to write literature reviews, this you will have to do a lot in your professional life as well. (Little secret, later on you do not have to meticulously write it all out, maybe) . This is for anyone who has to do a literature review. The guide under Notes for students helps you to write a review for proposals, if you only summarize literature of a topic, or that critical review that sets the pace. Being one of the most long winded first timers myself, I do help that this will help you all.

And good luck...

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