• Marieka Gryzenhout

Out of the woods, and into Lockdown

Wow, what a hectic couple of past months full of classes, theses and other responsibilities. But now South Africa has a lockdown due to COVID-19, just like many other countries in the world, and we are all thinking of all the health care workers and others who look after the many sick people and keeping the others healthy and stocked with necessities. However, working at home now considerably opens up the spaces in my head (no its not just windy in there..) and I am excited to start with Year 2 of The Mycology Blog. Lots of plans, and useful and exciting things coming.

Also, things happened since the Blog started a year ago. The conservation assessments for IUCN for the three species on the Conservation page are currently being polished. Our list for non-native ectomycorrhizal introduced into the Western Cape is growing (including a number of first reports for South Africa) and a number of mushrooms are being barcoded leading to confirmations of identifications and numerous surprises. The checklist is published, and I have now added the actual excel file as well to the Checklist page. The wonderful 2020 Guide has been published, and would you know that the pocket guide has now been revised (with 10 new species added!) and should come out somewhere in 2020. And a couple of tools has been posted for mycologists, students of mycology and ardent citizens.

So, looking very much forward to Year 2 and further building this site with you.


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