• Marieka Gryzenhout

New additions: 6 June


I did some more work on the site, mostly developing the pages of two projects we are involved in. The first is to gather observational data on three mushroom species that we suspect are native, but restricted. Once we have enough data, we can use it to submit an application for their conservation status. This will be the first time that its done in South Africa. All the information is on the Conservation page. I added an online form that may be easier if you spotted them (also if just from memory).

The second is another project where we want to determine the residency status (native, endemic, introduced, invasive....) of our macrofungi for the first time. For now we focus only on ectomycorrhizal fungi. There is also an online form and more information on the Invasion Biology page. Photos are most welcome, but again, if from memory, it will also be considered.

Lastly, if you are interested in cultivating your own mushrooms, join the MSSA Cultivation group (details under the Who is near you page). You can also find a list of our projects under that same page.

Enjoy, hope to hear from you.

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