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Fungal Conservation

Despite the rich biodiversity of fungi in South Africa no fungus are yet included on any red lists of South Africa.  We thus do not know if any of our fungi, especially our native fungi, are on the brink of extinction, or how many fungal species we may destroy with the next block of offices or complex that are developed.  Please help us to do something about it.

I  have posted fungi further down the page we want to focus on.  Please help us by letting us know if you spot them by emailing me at  Once we have gathered enough information on these species, we will apply for their red list status and put our fungi on the map! Not only rhino's must be protected.

What information do we need to assess the conservation status of a fungal species? We need to know (1) where  they occur, (2) how frequently they are seen, (3) ecological information and (4) any threats they are facing.  You can help us by filling in this form, and email it (if you have photos as well, great!)  to me.  You can see here that this is something done by many other people across the world.

The target fungi

Click on the names to get more information, and learn how to distinguish them from other similar looking fungi.


These species are believed to be native to South Africa and restricted to Gauteng. They may occur wider, e.g. also in Limpopo or Mpumalanga.

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